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August 9, 2013
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:MM: Momono by Ito-Grae :MM: Momono by Ito-Grae

Basic Information

Name: Momo Monomonoi {者物井 桃, Monomonoi Momo}
More commonly known as/introduces herself as Momono {モモノ}; very few know her full name.
Gender: ♀ Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: March 3rd (Pisces)
Grade: 11th, Class A
Height: 143.5 cm (4'8½")

Magi Information

"I wish...I wish to have a painless death... one day...".

Soul Gem:

Egg Form:
In it's most basic form, Momono's soul gem is a lilac-coloured, egg-shaped gem that glows a gentle white/lilac light, with a simple gold casing with engravings that resemble fabric/drapery. The top emblem is in the shape of a teardrop that encases an extension of the main gem, while the bottom emblem is in the shape of a pentagram with a single point facing upwards [see App].

Item Form:
When not in her Magi form, Momono's soul gem generally takes the form of a fairly thin-banded gold ring with an elevated lilac-coloured teardrop-shaped gem on the top. On the inside of the ring, underneath the gem, there is an engraving of a pentagram with a single point facing up/towards Momono.
Because of it's visual similarity to an engagement ring, Momono wears this ring on the middle finger of her left hand.

Magi Form:
While in her Magi form, Momono's soul gem takes the form of a simple teardrop-shaped gem that is attached to her cloak and rests on her upper chest [see App].


Momono's weapon is a large black knife attached to thin, razor-sharp, extendable garrote wire.
The blade-part of Momono's weapon is used primarily as:
:bulletblack: A close combat/melee weapon;
:bulletblack: A projectile weapon guided by the garrote wire; and
:bulletblack: As an anchor for offensive use of the garrote wire.
Momono's weapon is quite deceptive in that the wire that is the most brutal/offensive part of the weapon, as opposed to the 'scarier-looking' blade. Being thin enough to be almost invisible to those not looking for it, Momono can not only use this wire to trap/immobilise and suffocate enemies, but physically (and cleanly) cut-off body parts when pulled tight enough. A similar effect can be achieved when the wire is strung tight and comes into the path of a target moving with a considerable amount of force/speed; an effect Momono often uses to take-out multiple enemies at once.

Powers & Abilities:

Pain Nullification:
Momono's primary ability as a Magi (the one originating from her wish) is the ability to temporarily shut-off the nociceptors [pain receptors] in the body, hence stopping nociception - "the neural processes of encoding and processing noxious/potentially damaging stimuli" - and nullifying the body to the perception of pain. However, this ability only effects physical sensations and does not work with psychological/emotional pains or trauma, and hence will not affect the state of one's soul gem.
With Momono's nullification ability, Momono is able to take an impossible amount of hits without feeling/being affected by the injuries that come with it - most of the time, she won't even flinch. This can both be very helpful in that she is able to continue fighting for longer periods of time without being slowed down by the sensation of pain, but also potentially dangerous in that she would be unable to feel even the most severe/life-threatening injuries.
Momono is also able to shut-off the nociceptors of other nerve systems, meaning that is able to nullify the bodies of other people, animals, etc., but only through physical contact.

Momono also has significantly enhanced speed, agility and stealth, being able to perform spectacular acrobatic feats during battle and move across whole terrains undetected. However, her physical strength is significantly weaker than not only most Magi, but most 'normal' people as well - not even being able to open particularly heavy doors by herself. Hence she relies on her ability to build up force through the use of speed and her immense durability during battle.

Note: Her outfit, weapon and powers/fighting style are loosely based on that of an assassin.

Personal Information


Momono is considered to be a Yamato Nadeshiko (やまとなでしこ or 大和撫子)-esque character; the term Yamato Nadeshiko referring to “the personification of the idealised Japanese woman” or “the epitome of pure, feminine beauty”, the characteristics of which are centered around the idea of an “outer softness” being paired with an “inner strength”.

Momono has a warm, soft spoken and demure personality, being very tolerant and self-sacrificing (almost overly so) and rarely showing signs of panic, distress, sadness, frustration or fatigue. However, she has been known to stutter and mumble quite childishly when flustered/embarrassed, and hence she doesn’t like attention being drawn to her (yeah, she's shy]). She is particularly polite/well-mannered, seldom speaking unless spoken too (except in cases such as having to apologise after accidentally bumping into someone) and tends to bow more than the average person, even bowing while speaking on the phone. She is also highly respectful of/obedient to her elders and authority figures.

Despite her soft and complaisant demeanour, Momono is very loyal and determined, having a strong sense of duty, self-discipline and a subtle stubbornness – a touch of iron in that she is unwilling to allow the circumstances harm the ones she cares about or distract her from her duties (such as her duties as a Magi). Hence she is not one to be taken lightly.

Momono is also quite distrusting of others, growing up/living in an abusive home, and hence it takes quite a lot to get close to her. However, once someone reaches her heart, she will do anything to protect them, no matter what the cost. She also refuses to allow her own actions to directly hurt others, regardless of whether she knows the other person(s) or not.

Although Momono does have a lot of inner strength, she also has quite a lonely nature, with very little confidence or sense of self. Because of the 'conditioning' she received from an early age by her family, Momono truly believes that her worth only lies in her usefulness to others, particularly her family, and hence believes that it's impossible for her to appeal to anyone on a personal level (friendship, love, etc.), despite the fact that she secretly both craves and is fears this intimacy.
She has also quite accepting of her abuse and her family's control over her life (and, by extension, her lack-of freedom), as this is something she's been living with her entire life and hence is the norm for her.


Momono was born on March 3rd as the daughter of Masahiro Monomonoi {者物井 雅弘, Monomonoi Masahiro} - a renowned businessman who is highly charming in the public sphere, but cold, calculating and abusive with his family - and his now ex-wife, Shizuka Himezawa {姫沢 静華, Himezawa Shizuka} - a traditionally-raised woman from a family descended from Japanese nobility. They clearly didn't marry for love and she recently left him for another woman.
It is known that Momono has a large extended family, however relationships between each immediate family aren't so familial, but voyeuristic in that everyone knows exactly what's going on in each other's personal lives, even down to the tiniest details, but no one will ever interfere/intervene as it is 'not their place' to do so.

From a young age (around 3-4) Momono's father would abuse (i.e. beat) her in order to teach her her 'place' in and remain 'honourable' to the family, using extreme 'conditioning techniques' in order to mold her into the 'ideal daughter' (and, by extension, the 'ideal future wife'). It is known that the rest of her family, including her mother, knew of the abuse, but no one would do anything about it.
During kindergarten and elementary school, as a result of the abuse, Momono would withdraw and cry a lot more than other kids, which in turn lead to her being picked-on and bullied while at school - being called named like 'crybaby', having her hair pulled/cut involuntarily (which may be one of the reason's she keeps her hair short now), etc. (one particularly hurtful title was MomoNOfriends, which, ironically followed her into middle school and high school simply as Momono; a nickname which she eventually accepted and began using permanently). When her teachers informed Momono's parents of the bullying or expressed their concerns regarding Momono's unusual behaviour, she was only 'punished' by her father for 'complaining' and 'burdening her teachers'. By the time Momono started middle school, she had learned that it was much easier and a lot less damaging to simply smile and act as though nothing was wrong, falling into the background (sort of like she does and almost tries to do now). She was almost never bullied after that, but at the same time, she never made any friends.

When she was about 14, while walking home from school, Momono found a small, injured, starving stray kitten alone on the side of the street. Despite the risks (namely those involving her father), she took him in, fed him and tended to his injuries, naming him Hideki {ひでき, Hideki}. After not too long, he began following her around as if she was his mother, becoming Momono's only friend. However, after almost three years (just before Momono turned 17), he was run over by a car right before her eyes and, despite her efforts to save him, he ended up dying of his injuries. Momono was devastated, having had her first experience with death and having lost the only friend she's ever had so suddenly and so gruesomely. She even gave him a small burial/funeral and in her grief, Momono soon began making plush toys as a substitute for actual companionship and affection - the first plush toy she ever made being a plush version of Hideki. She still makes said plushies today.

After Hideki died Momono found her thoughts turning significantly more macabre as she fell into a deep/severe state of depression. All Momono had been able to think about was death and more specifically, suicide. Feeling that her life had no meaning she had even attempted suicide a few times (using wire to cut off blood circulation/cuts in arm or wrists, almost jumping off her balcony, etc.) before the day the car hit her, Momono having made it a habit of crossing the street without looking, not caring what happened to her. She was rushed to the hospital with severe head trauma and internal bleeding (the impact having also opened a few old wounds from her father's beatings). Momono 'died' on the operating table, being clinically dead for nearly 5 minutes before the doctors could restore her heartbeat. All she can remember of her near-death experience is the agnosing pain she felt before everything went dark (pain being main reason her previous attempts were unsuccessful). She had to remain in hospital for several weeks while she recovered so her recovery could be observed by the doctors and for therapy. With little else to do, Momono would spend hours lost in her (generally existentialist) thoughts, rethinking her entire life/mindset.

While in hospital, Momono was comfronted by the Incubator, Ruubey (who, oddly enough, reminded her of Hideki), who offered her a single wish. Having had time to think, Momono made her wish still with the intention of killing herself, wanting to go out peacefully. However, after becoming a Puella Magi, Momono found her reason for living and decided that instead of taking her own life, she would remain honourable and fulfill her end of the Magi contract, accepting death only as fate intends it (however and whenever that may be).
However, since learning of the origins of Witches/Warlocks and the eventual fates of Magi, Momono has decided that, in order to prevent as much damage as possible, Momono will continue to live as long as her Soul Gem will 'hold out', and will end it all herself before she turns into a Witch herself. However, until that time, she will continue to fight Witches/Warlocks in hopes of saving as many people as possible, hopefully saving the souls of the despaired Magi in the process (at least, that's what she hopes happens).

Other Information

:bulletblack: Monomonoi {者物井} is written with the characters for "someone, person", "thing (intangible), object, matter" and "well, well crib, town, community" (yes, this was a vague attempt to reference Momono's position in her family/where she believes her worth lies). Momo {桃} is written with the character for/literally translated to "peach, peach tree".

:bulletblack: She started going by the name 'Momono' when she started middle school and now very few know her by her full name. In fact, most people end up suggesting 'Momo' as a nickname for her, without realising that 'Momono' in itself and that 'Momo' is, in fact, her given name.

:bulletblack: Momono was born on March 3rd; the same day as Hinamatsuri {雛祭り, Doll Festival}, also known as "Sangatsu Sekku" {3rd month Festival}, "Momo no Sekku" {Peach Festival} or "Joshi no Sekku" {Girl's Festival}; a day where families pray for the happiness and prosperity of their girls to help ensure that they grow up healthy, beautiful and successful.
For more info on Hinamatsuri:………
(again, another attempt to reference Momono's family life, now also with an attempt at irony //slapped)

:bulletblack: She's pure Japanese.

:bulletblack: She tends to tend to her own injuries, even to the point where she stitches up her own wounds.

:bulletblack: Her hair occasionally curls at the ends.

:bulletblack: It is known that Momono has a lot of scars covering her body (and more often than not, fresh cuts and bruises) though most have been purposely placed where they cannot normally be seen, such as where they would be concealed by clothing.

:bulletblack: Because of her height she has, on several different occasions, been mistaken for a little girl (and then they noticed her boobs //slapped).

:bulletblack: Her best subject is Home Economics while her worst subject is IT ("Information Technology").

:bulletblack: She's currently working casually/part-time as a waitress at the Midori Café.

:bulletblack: She has an arranged fiancée, arranged by the Himezawa-side of the family in order to ensure a 'pure'/noble bloodline. Momono is not happy with this decision, but has been conditioned over the years not to go against her family's wishes and is used to her lack-of freedom.
Probably what would get into the most trouble is for her to fall for a) a poor guy/commoner, b) a foreigner, or c) a girl (like her mother did).

:bulletblack: She's currently single (you know, not counting the arranged marriage thing).

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